About Pitsikiri

What is Pitsikiri?

The pits is lace and kiri is stitch combination in Estonian so I feel the pitsikiri is well justified word for usage
when we talk of lace stitches, especially if talking of Estonian lace. Kiri, kirjad (stitch, stitches) are like letters, when kirjad get together the words born. Now it depends how the words creating the sentences. Some sentences can express the beauty like songs or poetry, just like pitsikirjad lay out in to beautiful, delicate, fine laces!

Traditionally, the Masters of Haapsalu shawl, created their own stitch patterns and even when it is so hard
to create original and unpublished ones novadays, some masters here still creating new stitch combinations.

How To?

The chart symbols used in  Haapsalu shawl and Pitsilised Koekirjad books were almost identical with the German chart symbols used by Grand Masters Niebling a Engeln patterns. There was and is out many other kind of chart symbols in world.  Still I dreamed to be able to write my stitch patterns up fast and smooth by using the chart symbols I was learning to knit when I was kid and what are creating imagination in my mind when new stitch pattern need to get into paper.  Pen and paper are good but we are living digital era so why not to use it for the best. So I started to think of new font and after getting through all the “rocket science” stages I was able to create the simple font, only very few basic symbols in it.  That of course was not enough for me, I needed the more complicated chart symbols for my patterns.

New font !

Naturally I named it Pitsikiri and it is ready to share with world so all the pattern masters and knitters who love Estonian charts can have Pitsikiri font and use it to write the beautiful stitches and patterns.
It is TrueType font and works as any other font in all your programs. For writing patterns the Excel type programs work well.

Want it?

Pitsikiri font will be available for download by small fee (equal with cost of one pattern) at nearest time, so it is easy to have and not takes fortunes to get it. The font itself is ready but I am writing up the chart key to publish here i FAQ page.

Check back soon!