Welcome to my  little design and knitting studio in internet!

I am an Estonian knitter, knitting lace since 1986.

In 2008 I attended the Folk University of Tallinn, Estonia and took the master class in Haapsalu shawl lace knitting with Master Aime Edasi from Haapsalu. My goal was to learn the specific details regarding what makes the traditional Haapsalu shawl authentic and how it differs from other types of lace.

That is how I became a spokesperson for our own traditional shawls and a supporter of the Haapsalu Masters. I take great pride to name my shawls Haapsalu shawls, which I only do when they meet authentic criteria in every single detail. I am also knitting and and designing tablecloths, curtains, gloves, and of course shawls, scarfs and stoles in different shapes.

In the winter of 2009-2010 I fell in love with knitting our national mittens and socks for their beauty of colors and warmth of Estonian yarns, and occasionally I have mittens available. The fibers I love and use most are natural wool and cotton.

Where does the name Pitsilized come from?

“Pits” means lace in Estonian, and  some time ago we were joking with my Ravelry friends that everything around a dedicated lace knitter gets pitsilized sooner or later. If you can be hypnotized, emotionalized and things can be fiberized or popularized then lace can be pitsilized as well, isn’t that so? ;)

With love of knitting