About nupp,

here, in Estonia.

Yes, I am absolutely agree with that if everybody creats its own method for Estonian nupp, just nupp, Shetland shawls, Norweigean socks or Kihnu mittens. These methods still will not ne the Kihnu method, Shetland shawl method, Orenburg shawl method and so on, but the creators own ideas.

If I create new method for knitting Kihnu braid, and noone saw nor heard about that method I’d rather name it new braid method and not Kihnu braid method. Why not? Because I honour the traditions and understand that my new method can not be no way the Kihnu method. Same goes with Haapsalu shawl…. there is required details to make it namesake. Again- because honour of traditions I never name my shawls Haapsalu shawl if one of these required details missing, I then name it just shawl or naming it just what likes me most.

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Finally got scanned some old photos of tablecloths I lace knitted in years 1986-1995.

The quality of photos is quite a poor but I am glad that after all I still have these photos made by those who liked and had laces from me.

Several of them are by H. Niebling and E.Engeln – I always adored the art of these Great lacemasters!

This black-white photo is sample of round tablecloth made by me from very fine cotton thread, needles 2mm.

 Two photos below  are of extremely large tablecloth, was knitted by one of my favourite patterns. I needed to clean the room from some furniture before I was able to block it :) That large it was;)

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