Finally got scanned some old photos of tablecloths I lace knitted in years 1986-1995.

The quality of photos is quite a poor but I am glad that after all I still have these photos made by those who liked and had laces from me.

Several of them are by H. Niebling and E.Engeln – I always adored the art of these Great lacemasters!

This black-white photo is sample of round tablecloth made by me from very fine cotton thread, needles 2mm.

 Two photos below  are of extremely large tablecloth, was knitted by one of my favourite patterns. I needed to clean the room from some furniture before I was able to block it :) That large it was;)

Here is some more of tablecloths:

Incredible large oval tablecloth.


Below is the two more large white tableclothes, same as my blue tablecloth by Erich Engeln pattern . It is also presented on my Ravelry project page with more photos.

And here is one kitchen curtain. It was my own design.


And finally – one rare photo of me :) Pictured at Finnish largest Handicraft Christmas Fair in Helsinki – it was beginning of 90’ies if I remember right. Photo seem to be taken at last day as on photo there is only 2 large laces left and some smaller ones. One I remember for sure is that the fee of place for this fair was quite expensive so I was able to buy only the 70 cm of table length :) I went there also some next years and remembering how very flattered I was by the fact that right at first day , at morning there was two ladies waiting me in hope I’ll set up my outlet again so they get some laces made by me for their antics furniture. I have all the nice memories of that time …. What a pity I have no photo of me, knitting one of these large ones during this Fair like a workshop, it was so large that I had the basket on the floor where the center of tablecloth was while I was knitting, many people stopped and wondered:)

The reason why I needed brake knitting the lace at middle of 90’ies was that my wrists got so sore and also another reason that I decided to go university and graduate in law, life then got too busy and new challenges and hobbies. I recently found my pattern maps and some middle way knitted laces and it made such a nostalgia! Well, I am back now – in LACE KNITTING, yes, but with some different projects I hope to blog here at future. So welcome to back!


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