Haapsalu sall


Yesterday we visited Haapsalu for the great event Haapsalu Shawl Day 2010.
It was absolutely wonderful time there, lot memories, beautiful seaside, lately renovated Kuursaal and lot of beautiful shawls to see and many nice people to meet!
It was nice to see the Masters, meet my teacher, Master Aime Edasi whom I some years ago learn how to love this traditional art and knit Haapsalu shawls namesake.

I had two of my shawls with me in hope to get them photographed and so we did, it was almost evening but still great lights, without sun but wind from sea- just the kind what makes the stay so romantic and brings up the ages of past and shawls and ….
so, this time I let my shawls show you the Haapsalu and it’s voyage to ages past!

The Kuursaal, seaside, railway station museum in-and outdoor (previously railway station)- notice the name Haapsalu at end of platform, the roses, the atmosphere – and the real authentic Haapsalu shawls.

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With greetings from Haapsalu,

Lily of The Valley – Pööratud piibelehekiri

Just finished the next traditional Haapsalu Shawl.
The most classical Lily of The Valley and once again this stitch make me want to cast on the new one almost right after previous is finished.

After blocking this pattern truly is most beautiful and I adore it every time.
Hoping to get model photos to present its lightness and structure.

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Pohlalehekiri is definitely one of my favourite stitch combinations. This time with additional nupps.
My sincere thank you goes to Mari for the photos and permission to use this beautiful photo of delicate, elegant shawl on her shoulders.


Pohlalehekiri on kohe kindlasti üks mu lemmikumaid kirju läbi aegade. Seekord lisasin nupud.

Minu siiras tänu Marile ilusa pildi eest!

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HAAPSALU SALL – Bouguet (Lillebukett)

Pattern: available asap
Yarn: Ogre 2/32 wool 100%
Weight: 72 gr
Vardad 2,75mm & 3,5mm
Nupps: 780
Size: traditional, 120sts x 455 rows
Edge: sewn on.
All the critters above make Haapsalu shawl namesake ;)

Stitchpattern: Monica Kullarand
Photos: Alex Kullarand
Model: C. K.
Link to Ravelry

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